We passed you in the aisles
Bitter kisses fresh on a sleeve
A bruised shoulder hanging string bag
pushing into the wind we sing
and breathe our sighs

We took you for an immortal
but all too flawed a human
not sad but harmonious in joy
never giving over to the
sagging old frame

Never giving your soul up
for all the gold you
danced and played
You found my heart in the snow

The Will of Salt

A faltering dive into the ocean
The curled lips of the lie
surrounding that smile we let go
down the valley we walk together
gathering tides of mossy trails

It remains the greatest taste of the world
fissures upon Earth’s visage
a drift of steam through the vile state
the withering of the body
and the corruption of the mind

He speaks as if to question his own appearance
the stillness of the ground doubtful and alone

shuffle the beads
the strands of crisp residue
the cloud of forgotten fealty
incomplete absolution the vague gavel bonds
renders close haromonious convolution

a regular appeal to inspection
long looks from silver magistrate
eyebrows hanging on each pronouncement
All Colours are valid
All Votes are counted
No body has a right to die unloved
so you better get down to it
or spend an eternity with a question

Ice Debris

Collisions start in cracks that widen
Fissures open and the air rushes between
Drops of destruction fall and drop into sea
and it rises to meet the eye of the storms smile
soon they are fighting in the streets
calm never speaks its forgotten slumber
the air is thick with fire and you can breathe
it all in wishing for peace and quiet
and happy green countryside where the animals
breed and feed our young

More than a predator
Less than a murderer
just feed them until dark
and then let them sleep
safe in barns
safe from the foxes
and children
who fight

relax under trees
make love in the car
spending a Saturday afternoon
before its too late
and the breaking of dawn
the standing in the cold
down animal farm

brighten your face with flooded lights
stretch your smile from east to west
twist your nose until your face follows
and your ears glow
in the gloom,
in the darkness
we try to become invisible
except its eyes are red
and see everything